They hilarious, for any cutesy subtitles are flashing reddish in his perspective.

Harmful. He feigns lack of knowledge about the going-ons, but she so enthusiastic and romantic regarding it, and tries to clarify that she suggesting to your. Ha.

As she talks about waking up to each other each morning, the subtitles continue, and from her views it really is simple and lovable, however we see that people were their terminology of doom. Hahahaha. The guy also perspiring by this time, and then he searches for his escape path.

The very first thing the guy does? The guy blows out of the candles regarding the dessert, pointing out an excuse about a tummy upset, and dashes toward washroom. Hee. Jang Mi needs to be actually dense though, because she funnily talks about your like damn are in the midst of a proposal, rather than like she realises that he escaping.

Back in the lobby, our blind go out throughout the day is a cameo by Nam Ji Hyun (4Minute, The intimate Idol). She all docile and courteous, smiling at Gi Tae. He or she is, having said that, rude and obnoxious, deciding to have actually a text discussion with Hoon Dong (after additional texts your for assistance, ha).

Ji Hyun (shall we just contact the woman by this lady actual name, since its simply a cameo) clears this lady throat, and Gi Tae apologises, wanting to carry on the conversation. Except she claims that they’re not a word in. Ha. To which the guy implies that they begin immediately, all while unwrapping some gum and placing it in his mouth.

He tells the woman to inquire about everything she interested in your, and she begins with a standard matter about in which the guy resides. He mentions Gangnam (in short, Chaebol town), and he very arrogantly goes on on about his lifestyle, featuring about their quarters, their vehicle and all of. Ew, though we obtain which he entirely trying to bulgarian wife get eliminate this lady.

Gi Tae and Hoon Dong tend to be involved with an online dialogue, with Gi Tae all cold and unsympathetic to Hoon Dong predicament. At the same time, Jang Mi concerned about Hoon Dong (he experienced the toilet for too long). Ji Hyun requires Gi Tae if he’s got seen lots of pretty lady (within his distinctive line of services), along with his solution sarcastic as he claims he enjoys viewed many girl who would like to feel rather. Just how genuine.

He carries on with the addition of that (those females) are willing to invest a pile of cash inside the hospital/clinic. As an afterthought, the guy commends himself in order to have a property, an automible and a medical facility.

Ji Hyun already been truly polite and tolerating of his conduct, but the woman finally straw occurs when Gi Tae asks what she can provide him (while entering they to Hoon Dong. The guy in fact asking all of them both). The guy desires Hoon Dong to give him a building, however they accept mid-way, as Hoon Dong believes to offer him cost-free rental for 36 months.

Chances are Ji Hyun currently mad, as she highlights that he used their phone since permanently. Gi Tae just replies that he has actually someone waiting for your upstairs, he been determining whether he is going upwards. Since he didnt specify whether it is a woman or guy, taken out of perspective, it misleadingly appears poor. And Ji Hyun are riled up, splashing a glass of h2o on their face. The guy amusingly ared, for he puts straight down his cell, rips off his glasses and shuts their eyes before she does it. Ha, but she perhaps not done yet, for the time being she requires his glass , and gradually pours it down his mind. Burn. Or Pssssst.

Anyhow, he heads-up the hotel to save lots of Hoon Dong, when he rings the bell, Jang Mi curiously requires Hoon Dong if the guy needed space provider. Ha. She starts the doorway anyhow, and here the most important meeting of our leads: he all saturated, she experiencing a subsequent unsuccessful proposition.

He present themselves as Hoon Dong friend, and all of but struts inside room. Ha, he measures regarding balloons and tries to remove the designs, inquiring the spot where the restroom is actually. Pulling Hoon Dong around, he primps himself in the restroom.

Jang Mi baffled over exactly why the guy came out drenched, and he replies (to Hoon Dong snigger) so it occurs each and every time he continues on a blind day (explaining their ability at it). Ha, he have every type of beverage built on your at least one time. LOL.

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