The lady comically farcical reactions are honestly entertaining.

She tries to discover your out by advising your that they are amid one thing vital, while totally oblivious to Hoon Dong cheering and Gi Tae meddling.

As she chases Gi Tae , he pretends are hurt, and Hoon Dong apologises through providing to treat him to a glass or two today. Ha. Jang Mi stops all of them, all Now? But I was.. we had been

And Gi Tae instantly Mr Understanding, preaching that Hoon Dong ought not to forget this lady girlfriend and it is this liquor? Ha. To Jang Mi scary, he pops available that precious package of wine, and products it directly from the bottle. And ha, Hoon Dong cracking me personally with his small jig of delight.

Jang Mi seems up to Hoon Dong, who now smiling dependably, and she agrees that its a memorable event in order to satisfy his buddy merely to cry because Gi Tae chooses to take in the dessert by digging their hand into it. Hahahahaha.

The guy brings their fiasco momentum into the bed room, but once he blows the flower petals aside, she forces your out gently (from the face). Ha. He pretends as severely harm, and foliage. Hoon Dong pursues your, leaving Jang Mi behind with a justification. (Am I the sort that favours buddy over girl?!)

The 2 greatest buds swimming, and even though Gi Tae syrian wife diving like a piece, Hoon Dong scuba diving. The very first Law of Breaking Up Politely: Vanishing. Your message virtually suggests diving, so by vanishing (in a physical awareness), the guy designed holding his breathing under liquid, with the intention that they can ogle at ladies system.

Looks like Jang Mi operates as a departmental store greeter. She mulling over just how to propose to Hoon Dong the very next time. And claps in glee whenever she decides how she needs to do so. Han Groo is operating the maniacal smile better!

Gi Tae and Hoon Dong have a drink (yes!) within bathrobes, while Hoon Dong adjustment their SNS profile (to It is enjoy since it is safe.) The guy eyes a great bod, and grabs Gi Tae drink to have a chat within the woman aided by the good bod. That just becomes Gi Tae stink vision. Pretty!

At your workplace, Jang Mi calls Hoon Dong continuously. Its a flip cell, therefore she puts they between their palms to conceal they. Ha. Days past in school. You cant do this with an intelligent cellphone today. Imagine initiating Siri unintentionally.

She cant cope with, along with her coworker, Nam Hyun Hee (Yoon So Hee), implies she check always his SNS. Said coworker are astonished when she realises that Jang Mi cannot access any SNS from the woman telephone, an old-fashioned. She gasps thus loudly, however, that their particular supervisor overhears, delivering all of them a glare.

Gi Tae and Hoon Dong have actually a glass or two at bar (we drunks love this program already!). Hoon Dong certain that Jang Mi stop calling your after a couple of hours, therefore he changes his mobile to understand that she gave your 300 missed phone calls and 102 messages. Yikes. There actually one inbound phone call from this lady!

Thus he hurriedly removes battery pack of their cellphone, downing their glass of wine in a single shot. Jang Mi try perturbed from this, and miracles precisely why he isnt picking right on up their cell. Hyun Hee good-naturedly tells her that he possess a fear of wedding, and therefore she should simply give it time to stop, however it comes on deaf ears.

Hoon Dong a reckless playboy however, as he casually sips a sit down elsewhere with Gi Tae, in addition to second informs your he has a lady chasing your.

Cue Jang Mi on a bike, heading towards her very cafe (called French Restaurant, ha). Hoon Dong flustered, and winds up concealing precariously near the cashier countertop.

A barista views him achieve this however, and then we have the upbeat introduction to pretty kid Han Yeo Reum (Jung Jin Woon). He brings his top attention laugh to welcome Jang Mi (as an individual), and I am now questioning precisely why that cafe isnt chockfull of people.

Jang Mi doesnt start to see the beauty before this lady, and it is looking around with regards to their workplace. A, thus Hoon Dong has this cafe. Yeo Reum replies that Hoon Dong isnt around, even obtaining a dig at his own employer while at they. Ha, Hoon Dong almost gave themselves away, though the guy luckily stored by Gi Tae. Aw, ideal bud.

Gi Tae gets a phone call from their aunt equally Jang Mi acknowledge him, and he mother try crazy for his many a damaged blind schedules. Gi Tae was told to apologise to Hoon Dong, but the guy says to aunt (and Jang Mi) that Hoon Dong ought to apologise to your, for he could be pursued by a Doen-Jang woman, Ji Hyun. The guy continues in regards to the girl inside the hotel room, just who squeezed to have partnered too. . Jang Mi all myself?, and then he hides by deeming it his blind time. Ha.

Gi Tae hears that their mother and aunt include achieving the cafe (they truly are picking him upwards for another blind day), and escapes straight away. He stopped by Jang Mi, though on the go, the guy clearly tells her that her connection a goner. She will get a moment in time to really endeavor exactly what the guy merely meant, and now we start to see the Second rules of splitting up Politely: advise of breakup through an authorized.

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