According to Choi teenage Ah’s friend C, she fulfilled Kim Seon Ho’s parents following the abortion, consumed using them, and even slept at their particular location.

C disclosed, “Young muslima gratis app Ah remained near Seon Ho’s parents a short while later. Seon Ho worked to build depend on along with her. He in addition used a Shiba Inu known as Ho Ah on her so she wouldn’t feel lonely whenever alone.”

In her own original article, Choi teenage Ah furthermore blogged, “Because he stayed his youth in poverty, he has got an excellent obsession with revenue. He only delivered me personally 2 million got (roughly $1,717) when it comes down to procedures and hospital fees.”

Choi immature Ah’s associate D mentioned about it, “Her indulgent investing ended up being burdensome for Kim Seon Ho. For Christmas, she have a 7 million acquired developer bag (more or less $6,008). She purchased it together individual cards and obtained a money transfer from Kim Seon Ho. [Friends] understand it because she boasted about it.”

D put, “i’ve never seen Choi kids Ah pay. Generally Kim Seon Ho compensated. She claims Kim Seon Ho loves developer brand names? Associates all understand who is the person who undoubtedly obsesses over developer brands.”

Choi kids Ah’s pals C and D got Kim Seon Ho’s side, stating, “The reality has become altered.”

Listed below are further prices from C and D:

“Choi younger Ah in addition deliberated loads concerning abortion problems. It is an issue worthy of deliberating lots about.” “the guy will need to have been tired of the lays. It’s ironic that this woman is blaming Kim Seon Ho.” “She is very obsessive. She established their phone to test their texts and DMs.” “She expected that Kim Seon Ho would come back after their downfall. It Surely took place.”

On January 11, 2021, Dispatch got an anonymous e-mail from Choi immature Ah’s next-door neighbor. The end demonstrated the specific situation between Choi immature Ah and her ex-husband and also mentioned that an individual who seems to be Kim Seon Ho ended up being spotted extremely generally during the suite.

Around that time, Choi immature Ah advised men and women around her that people linked to this lady ex-husband happened to be threatening their.

Kim Seon Ho’s associate E described, “Kim Seon Ho opened he ended up being creating a difficult time considering the circumstance close Choi teenage Ah. She got acquiring endangered, there had been gangs after the woman, this lady ex-husband’s spouses were bothering this lady, she is undergoing case, etc…They are unbearable conditions.”

E also contributed that Choi immature Ah secretly filmed Kim Seon Ho. “Once, Kim Seon Ho and Choi immature Ah checked each other’s KakaoTalk communications. During that time, the guy heard bout many clips and sound recordings of your that were stored in Choi younger Ah’s computers. Great deal of thought from their attitude, is not that terrifying?”

From what Dispatch was informed, Kim Seon Ho and Choi kids Ah fulfilled until April 2021 and formally finished their relationship in-may.

Dispatch stated they have came across with many different people and listened to their unique stories, with some of Choi kids Ah’s associates reaching out to Dispatch very first. According to all of them, Kim Seon Ho had not split up together because he quickly rose to popularity, and instead revealed Choi Young Ah’s behavior.

Dispatch’s document ended with an announcement from B. the guy mentioned, “Seon Ho hyung mentioned this for me. As it got true that the guy let go of their youngsters… Since the guy once appreciated the lady, the guy made an effort to see. And therefore the guy performedn’t wish to battle about their private lifestyle in front of the entire country. So he said that in place of following through, he apologized. Seon Ho hyung is the fact that form of people. He was in a regular commitment just like other people. He never attempted to keep hidden Young Ah noona. I’m a witness.”

In reaction on the report, a source from Kim Seon Ho’s agency SODIUM enjoyment mentioned, “We have absolutely nothing to express. We apologize.”

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